The  "A. Munthe" school is a public high school and has about 440 pupils aged between 14 and 19 years. There are 90 teachers and 12 administrative and technical staff members.

The institute offers three courses of study of five years:

 - a major of trade (Commercial Institute);

- a major of hotel managing (Hotel School);

- a high school (High School).

The “ Axel Munthe " Institute is the only high school of the Island of Capri and, therefore, it plays over its educational role, also an important social function, allowing the local kids the opportunity of aggregation, especially in the winter months.

The Institute has a strong link with the entire Island`s tourist business. The companies constantly collaborate with the school and over 80% of students find employment in tourist companies within the first year after graduation.

This collaborative model can be shared with other schools of the partnership and considered a "best practice."

To motivate the students in their professional studies, each year the best students are selected for the participation in national and international competitions. This year,  seven students will participate in the following student competitions:

- International Competition Grand Gold Trophy of Brescia,

- International Competition Basilicata at Table of  Melfi,

-  the Casargo International Competition (Lecco).

5% of the students are with disabilities. Also in this case, the school is committed, where possible, in encouraging the social and professional integration of these students, creating individualized paths of work placement, in collaboration with the local health authority social workers.

Finally, the Institute has been a promoter and leader of a LLP Comenius multilateral partnership in the years 2013/2015, which involved 5 European high schools.

 In the school year 2015/2016, the “Axel Munthe” Institute has joined an orientation project promoted by the Ministry of Labour and the Campania Region called "PROGRAMMA FIXO- actions in favor of NEET young people in education-work transition and  meant to support the development of placement in schools ". This project is considered a "best practice" at a regional level and is funded by the European program "Youth Guarantee" YEI. The coordinator of this project is prof. Filippo De Maio who is also the coordinator of the “Axel Munthe “ School for this project "ERASMUS K2.

 In addition, in the past years, Prof. De Maio has organized orientation sessions for students of the last-year students with the Center for the Application of Sorrento which is a local government that deals to promote the meeting between demand and supply of labor. Specifically, officials of the Office met with the students of Axel Munthe Institute to provide the operational knowledge of the use of public support for employment.

Four other teachers Institute (prof. Luca Milano, prof. Salvatore Ponticorvo, Prof. Miriam Canta, prof. Giovanni Ferraro, prof. Davide Ametrano) have a good competence in the management of national and European projects student partnerships. In particular, prof. Milan has coordinated the work of guidance in Italy (Viareggio, Cervia, Rimini) and abroad (Stockholm-Sweden). Instead prof. Ferraro is responsible for over a decade to organize practical work experience for pupils in the fourth and fifth classes in local companies and provide assistance to students during the work experience.

Finally, the school has set up a Scientific and Technical Committee (STC), made up of six members: the school principal, two teachers, the president of the hoteliers of Capri, the president of Capri and the president of the Capri Exellent Consortium . This body, between the consultancy tasks in the school, also promotes initiatives of the connection between schools and businesses, to promote employment of the students at the end of their studies.