Private school with students from 4 months to eighteen years old. It includes 27.00 square metres of field and 15.000 square metres of buidings. The facilities include an artificial grass football field, several paddle courts an indoors swimming pool, labs, computer rooms, assembly halls, several coworking classrooms..

Nowdays,  there are more than 1000 students for 130 workers.

The school is located in a quiet village 20 km south of Madrid.  It was built fifteen years ago in a new neighbourhood. 

We boast about having a team that is really involved in the learning process. We are concerned about the new methodological innovation in educational issues and the good practices at teaching, the way how to apply all these theories in our classes.

We recognise the importance of cooperative learning, Project based learning and Oral communication, learning languages (at school we teach English, French and Chinese), control of emotions, and,of course using New technologies to develop all these issues in our students.

We have bee evaluated by EFQM, 300, We also have the acreditation of Cooperative Bilingual School  by UCETAM.

We are aware that the new society requires a new type of education so when our school project began  we strted to work  with experts on the subject. We have been integrating the multiple choices theory by Howard Gardner for five years now. We consider that the emotional intelligence is one of the most important when learning.  

Our Principal, apart from working at school is also a teacher at University about Pedagogical changes.

Currently there is a master that is being developed at our school at weekiends about educational innovations.

The people  responsible of the project are in constant contact with other schools, and visit other schools to exchange information about good practices at education. Tey have good organisation abilities, knowledge of  methodological  strategies: flipped classroom, minfulness, Project Based learning, handling Digital, Boards, tablets, etc and the apps that are necessary to develop the work like this.

The students have participated in several partnerships with schools in London and Salt Lake City (Utah- USA) and prepared projects in common and we had skype sessions.