Name: Jorge Arraez Corta

Year you left school: 2008

What is your job at the moment? / What do you do at the moment?

I’m currently working as “Agile leader” in the business development team for CNP-Santander, a new insurance JV based in Dublin.

As an agile leader I’m the responsible of:

  • Implementing the new agile methodologies across the company leveraging on the new digital tools and boosting the innovation.
  • Define the implementation and roll out of the new business in terms of new distribution channels, new geographies and new products following an “Agile” approach.
  • Support the new digital and innovation approach of the company for the different geographies
  • Manage the change management to make possible all the other functions.


Which degree or studies did you take after school?

Business administration  (BBA)


Did you like it?



Why did you choose it?


I would say that I have been always really interested in business, companies, finding new ways of doing/selling, new products...

At the beginning I was really doubtful because I wanted to combine BBA with other degree such Law or Advertisement. I have been always good  at selling, however, at the same time I have been always good at arguing and really interested in our rights… and last but not least, to add more complexity to this equation, I was also thinking of doing my degree in English which at the end of the day wasn’t compatible with doing some combined-degrees in some universities.

Being fully transparent I finally decided to do one degree: BBA and do it in the UC3M because of five main reasons:

  • We were at the beginning of a crisis in a world that was (and is) becoming more specialized so being overqualified in lots of subjects is not a skill to show off and takes so much time, I preferred to start working and then, once I see what I really want, get more qualification around it (which in fact has nothing to do with nothing I had ever thought).
  • BBA gave me the opportunity of learning about Marketing, Laws and companies so it would cover all my requirements.
  • I wanted to do a degree well considered and recognized worldwide and UC3M is one of the best universities in Europe to do it. Highly appreciated by the companies in Spain, and in case I wanted to do an Erasmus they have a large list of agreements with others universities in Europe.
  • If you want you can do your degree in English ,getting of course the consequent diploma that proves it.
  • And on top of that, it was really close to my home so I would not waste extra time on the way.

Who helped you in your choice?


Everybody were there to talk, my family and my teachers… probably because of my special situation my mother fulfil both roles but finally it was a decision that I took myself


Did the school provide you with any information about degrees, future career?


Indeed, we were in different universities and in AULA to see different possibilities and afterwards everybody were there for us, I remember even having a meeting the Psychopedagogue to review the possible options


What activities do you remember about assessing for future professional careers?

We visited different universities and fairs like Aula


Are your job and studies connected?



Do you need other languages in your job?

Yes, we are based in Dublin, our shareholders are Spanish and French we have presence in more than ten countries of Europe. The more languages you know the better


How were you hired?

I used to work for Santander in Spain and I was told there was an opportunity in Ireland so I applied… did the interview and here I am


Can you get any promotion?

Finger crossed, yes


Which advice would you give to a student in Bachillerato?

  • 99% effort, 1% luck. There is not lift to success, you have to take the stairs.
  • Don’t be narrow minded, the most unexpected subjects/things may change your lives
  • Whatever you decide, there are no errors, just learn and move on.
  • Networking is 80% of your job, people make the difference. Therefore be kind and nice with everybody
  • Comfort zone is your worst enemy you have to go beyond to increase exponentially your capabilities and learn
  • Keep it simple and enjoy the way

Which is your best memory about school?

  • The best memories are all the teachers I had, they just modulated my mind to be as it is today.
  • There is one thing that started in the school and is a key axe of my life: the friends I made then are one of the main pillars of my life now. Keep them if you can.


How do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

Back to Spain with a family I guess, better positioned and with better life quality.

Being able to speak another language fluently, with more countries on my backpack, some master or degree and maybe with children going to the same school as me…


Have you ever felt that you lack competences or knowledge you were not taught in your years at school? Which one(s)?

When I left the school It was not bilingual and my English could have been more fluent, but being fully sincere I could have done an extra effort on my side. Languages are a must today.

I could have been more prepared to speaking in public or doing presentations.