Career planning - The map of life


Standard A: The students will acquire skills to investigate the world of work in relation to self-knowledge and skills of making decisions about the career.

Standard B: The students will implement strategies to successfully achieve and satisfy professional goals.

Standard C: The students will understand the relationship between personal characteristics, education, professional training and the world of work.

Goal: The students will understand in which way different events and people have changed their lives.

Objective: Each student will build a personal map with dates, place of birth, family, education, friends, significant influences, achievements, obstacles, interests and goals on short and long term.

Materials: large sheets of paper and colored markers

Introduction: Tell the students: "On a large sheet of paper, you will make a map of your life. We will build a personal map in order to learn more about ourselves, about the events and the people that have influenced what we are today. "

Activities: Ask the students to make their maps using words and illustrations, and then put them in pairs to discuss their maps.

Discussions: Ask the class to discuss these questions: "Did anyone know anything new about himself?", "Was it difficult to think about goals?", "Have they been surprised at how many items they had on their maps?"

Conclusion: Tell the students: "I hope this activity has helped you understand some of the things that have influenced you. It is important to understand yourself before making any decisions. We will examine your goals in future activities.

Necessary time: 35 minutes

Assessment/Work task: Ask the students to specify a long-term goal and three things they can do to reach it.