Standard A: The students will acquire skills to investigate the world of work in relation with the self-knowledge and skills of making decisions about the career

Standard B: The students will implement strategies to successfully accomplish and satisfy their professional goals.

Standard C: The students will understand the relationship between personal characteristics, education, professional training and the world of work .

Goal:  The students will be given the opportunity to reflect on the roles of life that are and that will be important to them.

Objective: Students will be involved in planning life roles

Materials: writing materials, chalk, blackboard

Introduction: Tell the students: "While they are busy to earn their living, people are busy living their lives. All the things we can do contribute to the satisfaction of our lives. We can describe the activities that we are doing in life as "life roles". For example, a role of life is that of "employee".  Many adults are also parents. All young people play the role of "pupil/student". Write them on the blackboard, either in the "young" or "adult" section, according to the most appropriate category, or the most appropriate categories". Underline that effective participation in the roles we play, (for example, to be a good employee, to be a good parent, to be a good pupil/student) has much in common with our satisfaction with life, and we need to think seriously about what roles we want to play and at how we want to play.

Activities: Ask students to answer the following questions:

  1. What life roles are important to me now, at this time?
  2. What life roles will be important to me when I'm an adult?
  3. What can I do to prepare for the roles of life that will be important to me in the future?

Discussions: Divide pupils into small groups. Encourage them to present the answers to the first two questions in the list above. Ask them then to look for answers to the third question, for each student.

Conclusion: Discuss the importance of planning the participation in future life roles. Ask each pupil to list the roles of life he she intends to participate when he she is an adult.

Ask them to list two things they can do right now and in the future, in order to prepare for their role.

Necessary time: 45 – 60 minutes.

Evaluation/Working task: Ask students to analyze the following questions:

  1. What life role do you play?
  2. What do you like about each one of the life roles you play?
  3. What life role do you expect to play when you are an adult?
  4. What do you expect to realize through the roles of life that you will interpret as an adult?

The students will discuss in small groups the results of interviews with their parents/guardians. Encourage them to think about how the results of the interviews can influence their career planning.